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About Ankas Energy

AnkasEnergy, operates in the field of Solar Energy. We offer sustainable clean energy solutions in our company, where customer satisfaction is prioritized.


As an engineering company, Ankas Energy, which carries out all the stages of design, project planning, purchasing, logistics, field installations and similar processes within the company, attaches importance to the fact that its products and services meet international competency, quality and standards.

Renewable energy, offers a unique opportunity to meet the constantly increasing energy needs of our country and the world and to combat climate change effectively.


About Ankas Energy


To be a company that ensures that the future of our planet and humanity is supported with energy sources that do not harm the nature, that offers new technologies to human beings in this direction, that prioritizes customer orientation and high quality in all its products and services, that makes a difference in the sector and that moves towards becoming a world leader.



To lead the way to meet the energy needs of our country with clean resources, to expand the use of renewable energy, to support the future of humanity with new technologies, to increase the quality of services, to be a company where all its employees live as a family and enjoy being a part of it.

Consultancy services

All the materials you will use in the power plant are of great importance in terms of the maintenance and life of the power plant. We evaluate the equipment to be used in the most appropriate way and help you make the right choices for your power plant.

Call Letter Application

We carry out engineering studies together with the plant feasibility studies, and follow up the application and all ongoing processes on your behalf. We help you get your call letter to the connection agreement out as soon as possible.

Energy Production Analysis

The correct analysis of the energy to be produced in the power plant enables you to make the right decisions about your investment. It is very important that you can make the right decisions about your investment by knowing the analysis work to be done according to the years, the energy to be produced during the life of the power plant, and therefore your earnings.

Power Plant Design

We evaluate your power plant design and design works for you from every angle, and we make the most suitable design work for you. The design work helps you to show your switchboard in 2 and 3 dimensions, with all its details, as close to reality as possible.

Project Planning and Approval

Thanks to the reliable references and strong relationships it has established with all distribution companies operating in Turkey, TEDAŞ, TEİAŞ, EMRA and ETKB, it ensures that you get the project approval by performing the engineering studies of the power plant within the framework of all applicable legislation and regulations.

Financial Modeling

Based on your current data, we analyze the investment by performing financial modeling and analysis studies that include monthly and annual revenues, expenses, earnings and amortization periods, as well as the processes to be followed during the life of the power plant.

Installation Services

We complete the works we have done with the right engineering and right design principle, in the most optimal way for our investors, in a way that will challenge years and be shown as an example, and we do the best in making it energy-generating.


We provide maintenance and repair services at regular intervals for the plants whose installations have been completed. In this way, while the efficiency you get from your power plant is at the highest level, we manage and monitor your power plant uninterruptedly for you.

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